Locanda del pilone


An enchanting stay

Enjoy a luxurious stay in the heart of the Langhe, where haute cuisine, a pool with breathtaking views, and enchanting landscapes come together to offer an unparalleled experience. Discover Locanda del Pilone, a luxurious resort in Alba for an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Langhe.


A luxury stay in the tranquility of the Langhe.

Discover the splendor of Locanda del Pilone, a luxury resort in Alba with a magnificent pool overlooking the Langhe region. Delight your palate with the delicacies of the renowned restaurant and treat yourself to a weekend of pure relaxation and well-being, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Book now for an unforgettable experience of luxury and serenity.

The Michelin Star restaurant

An incomparable culinary experience combining haute cuisine and local traditions.

In the heart of the Langhe vineyards in Alba, Locanda del Pilone shines with its Michelin star and Krug embassy, offering a culinary experience unique to Piedmont. Headed by chef Federico Gallo, the kitchen of the Locanda celebrates local products with creativity, exalting the authentic flavors of the Langhe, with a special focus on truffles. A curated selection of wines accompanies every meal, for an unforgettable dining experience immersed in the heart of this gastronomic treasure.

An outdoor restaurant with a view

A Unique dining experience in the enchanting hills of the Langhe region to discover the taste of Piedmont’s cuisine. 

Discover the delights of the outdoor dining experience at the sophisticated Bistrot La Terrazza, part of the famous Locanda del Pilone. Here, gourmet food and views of the Barbaresco vineyards and the Alps create a special atmosphere. With a menu that is renewed daily, every visit becomes an exciting gastronomic adventure.

Unforgettable experiences 

All the activities to dive into the unique atmosphere of the Langhe

View the enchanting countryside villages around, learn the secrets of Piedmontese cuisine during our cooking class, ride through vineyards and forests on an evocative horseback ride, admire the breathtaking views during a charming hot-air balloon ride, and delight your palate with a tasting of the best local wines at our winery.
Book your place in advance and get ready to experience unforgettable moments in one of Italy’s most fascinating regions.