The Michelin Star restaurant

Haute cuisine in the Langhe region

Locanda del Pilone rises in the charming village of Alba; a gastronomic excellence signed by Silvano Boroli‘s family. With its Michelin star and the prestigious title of Krug Embassy, it is an authentic “Résort de Charme.”
The kitchen, led by chef Federico Gallo, celebrates the authentic flavors of the Langhe, masterfully blending Piedmontese tradition and Mediterranean influences in a riot of colors, scents and gourmet flavors.
Service in the dining room is impeccable, and an extensive wine list completes the experience.
Set against a breathtaking scenery, this starred restaurant offers unrivaled panoramic views of the Langhe, making it the ideal choice for a stellar dinner to give as a gift or to share with the right company.


With passion and proficiency, chef Federico Gallo personally curates the selection of the best local products and high-quality raw materials, creating menus that are the synthesis of his life experiences.

Chef stellato risorante alba


Born in Turin, Italy, he went on a culinary journey after graduating from high school in 2006. From Tuscany to Mexico to Northern Europe, he explored and assimilated the culinary traditions of different cultures. These experiences have shaped his cuisine, which expertly mixes typically Piedmontese and Tuscan ingredients with flavors from around the world into irresistible tasting menus that are rich in creativity and innovation, exploring a wide range of flavors, colors and tastes. 

The Winery

Locanda del Pilone has an outstanding wine list with more than 1400 labels, focusing on well-known Piedmontese wines, delicious treats from different Italian regions, exclusive bubbles and prestigious French crus, alongside the best international producers.

Customers booking lunch or dinner are offered the opportunity to chose the desired wine to accompany the meal. The inn’s sommelier is committed to preparing the bottles in perfect condition for an unforgettable tasting experience.